Restorations are another part of Mr. Heiser’s business. Although his process is slow, he can assure the customer of no “overlooks.” Just as with his other specialties, his work is thorough and lasting.
Restorations require a thorough safety inspection, starting with a brake system check-up including hoses, steel lines, pads, shoes, drums and rotors. Master cylinders and wheel cylinders, drive train, inspection of engine, transmission,
Rusting Trunk of Car
clutch if applicable, third member and drive shaft must all be checked. Wheels, tires, and front suspension including shocks, springs, and steering components and much more are evaluated for the customer and necessary repairs are addressed.
Repaired and Primed Trunk
Restorations also require replacement parts and sheet metal. Mr. Heiser has access to many parts vendors located throughout the U.S., and service from these vendors has always been very dependable.
Pictures are always taken throughout the restoration process for the customer to view, and duplicate pictures are available upon customer request. These become very helpful during the restoration process in explaining certain service
procedures to the customer for better understanding of what is being done to the vehicle. As always, the customer’s restoration is kept inside where it is safe, dry, and clean.
This is a brief description of what Mr. Heiser does. More information is given and provided on an individual bases.
Remember: “Be Wiser—See Heiser” The Rust Specialist!
Trunk Repaired and Painted
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